Our 4 Energizing Formats 

The Mentally Fit Methodology


We have a “Coach” approach. By using a “coach attitude” and very challenging questions, the coach stimulates reflection and awareness as well as the will to change and grow. When building teams and energizing individuals, it is key to start from the SQ (the Why):

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Why changing our leadership style?
  • Why working together?

Giving sense to the sense is the pre-requisite to energize individuals and teams. When the leader and the team are aligned on the “WHY”, the next steps on “the HOW” (Process) and the “WHAT” (Content) will be much more relevant, accepted and integrated.

“Keep it simple. Make it visible.”


  • Nominated to a new position, promoted and career orientation.
  • Multicultural integration (expatriates).
  • Manage your energy, not just your time.
Energize Myself MFI


Our approach on team coaching is inspired from sports and for this reason very pragmatic, concrete and oriented towards tangible results.

  • Creation of a customized coaching itinerary.
  • Regular follow-up on team’s actions.
  • Results measurement and debriefing.
team coaching


A Conference is already considered a mini training: it permits the creation of a common language and gives a collective impulsion to your firm.

  • Different subject contents to choose among MFI’s main topics.
  • Interactive and creative approach.
  • Maximum impact on a minimum time bracket.


How to learn for oneself, and/or to be able to transmit to others the Mentally Fit tools and bring your teams towards performance?

  • The ingredients of Group dynamics.
  • The three energy batteries (IQ, EQ, PhQ).
  • Detection of talent (personal and collective).