Energize Your Team MFI

Energize your Team !



“Emotion” is the magic word of successful team leaders and coaches. They know precisely how to stimulate and lead their people towards top performance objectives. EQ skills are the most important leading competences to set people in motion and guide them towards Excellence. A well-defined and communicated purpose is closely associated with better team performance, reinforcing trust with stakeholders. The Mentally Fit methodology is based on EQ, with a toolbox of practical coaching tools to transform IQ Visions into EQ Ambitions.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Give sense: Communicate a sense of purpose, and focus teams on priority areas.
  • Simplify: Cut through the complexity to extract the core messages
  • Stretch their minds for mental agility, openness and proactivity when facing new challenges.
  • Rely on technology in the digital age to manage teams remotely.